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We offer the best bank safe deposit box alternative

Unlimited Access

Biggest Locker facilities

Longest Operational Hours

Safe Deposit Box

The world’s most exclusive and innovative safe deposit box solution.

Personalized Solutions

Customizing your account to your needs, specifications, and preferences.

Secured Storage Solution

A seamless blend of security, storage, and logistics. Arranged to your convenience, in a secure & timely manner.

Confidential and Private

We ensure that solely registered account holders are allowed to access the vault

It's more then just locker

A state-of-the-art vault with advanced features and Unlimited Access
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German-Made Locker Vaults

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Biggest Locker facilities

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Dual Security (Pass Code + Finger Print)

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Long Operating Hours – 8 AM – 12 PM

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Multiple Size Available

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Unlimited Access

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Fire Resistant

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Water Resistant

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Tool Resistant

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Round the Clock Security

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Affordable Rental Rates

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Multilevel security

Sizing and Specification

We offer types of Safe Deposit Vaults that differ in size and price, in an effort to meet each customer’s distinctive needs
Locker SizeLocker Dimensions
Small125 mm x 360 mm x 502 mm
Medium189 mm x 270 mm x 502 mm
Large278 mm x 360 mm x 502 mm
Extra Large635 mm x 542 mm x 502 mm
 **+Applicable GST Charges

Application Requirements

We serve every type of customers/ institutions/ companies/ business entities






Private Limited

*All customers are required to produce KYC documents – identity proof and address proof at the time of hiring a locker. PAN is mandatory for all Hirers/Operators.

Secure. Trusted. Proudly Indian

Get high-security storage for your assets and valuables and one-of-a-kind peace of mind by storing with Sankalp Safe Deposit Vaults


What are the advantages of availing your safety locker service?
  • 8 AM to 12 Midnight Open (Monday – Saturday. Except National holidays)
  • Wide range of lockers in terms of sizes· Our vaults conform to RBI Specifications just like banks
  • 24 Hours security and Burglar alarms
  • Air-conditioned vaults
  • Range of rental schemes to suit your convenience.

As the first line of defense, our safe deposit locker rooms are provided with reinforced concrete walls and doors in accordance with RBI regulations. Further, the locker rooms are equipped with a burglar alarm system, CCTV, smoke sensor & intrusion detectors. The premises are guarded 24 hrs by professionally trained security personnel.

  1. Extended working hours: Our offices are open from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.
  2. Seamless operations: Our executives facilitate a smooth process to ensure that you have no trouble while operating the lockers.
  3. Increased vigil: One can avail our locker in 5 minutes by just filling in the application, comply KYC norms and paying the rent. A thorough check is made by our staff after every operation. This ensures that you do not accidentally leave the locker open or leave your valuables outside by mistake.
  4. Unlimited Access: We offer unlimited number of locker operations in a year.
  5. Privacy: Secured bay that provides complete privacy during locker operations.
  6. Locker accessories for your comfort & convenience.
Lockers are meant to provide anonymity and privacy. The primary purpose of lockers is safety. Part of the safety comes from the fact that nobody knows the content of the lockers. Sankalp Safe Deposit Vault do not take insurance cover for the contents of the locker since customers do not disclose the contents. It is not possible to insure the contents without knowing the value of the contents. However, we can insure the contents of the locker on cost to customer basis provided the customer declares the contents and its value.

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